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Passion. Pain. Truth. Faith.

Yes, You Can Build a Loving, Passionate Marriage and a Thriving Business with Your Spouse. 


Have you dreamed of running your own business?

Does your vision include working with your spouse?

Are you ready to win?


With over two decades of experience as husband and wife and as successful serial entrepreneurs, Sulaiman and Lesleigh Mausi reveal their greatest challenges and how they’ve surmounted them. From surviving the loss of parents, and a child born outside of the marriage to strategizing success for their concert promotions company in the middle of a pandemic—they share it all.


In The Power of Us, you’ll discover:

  • The very elements a marriage must have to grow stronger with time
  • What it takes to overcome disappointment and betrayal in your relationship
  • How to build a business you both love working in
  • What to do when you disagree about business decisions
  • How to balance being partners in love and partners in business
  • And more


You can enjoy a #marriagegoals relationship and run a successful business together. This book will show you how.

The Power Of Us

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